A Meal with a Game and a Prayer

The meal with a game and a prayer was  created to  gather seniors to prepare a meal and share an activity on an ongoing and regular basis in an effort to reduce isolation, as well as promote and encourage intergenerational relationships between the seniors and young families within our community.  The importance of sharing a meal goes well beyond physical nourishment. Cooking and eating are social activities that bring people together despite differences in community standing, cultural background and age.  A Meal and A Game and a Prayer focuses on developmental relationships and community building and provides opportunities for intentional conversation.   Every month we come up with new games to play and ways to have fun together!   Check out the next one (link to announcements page)


A Meal A Game and A Prayer is a modest initiative that we believe can have a tremendous and long lasting effect on those who participate.  Once a month, we gather and invite members of the surrounding community to participate in a  pot-luck meal where everyone is encouraged to bring along a food item (as they are able) to share with the other families who gather.  A pot-luck is by its design a meal where all contribute what they can.   In this program it has as its objective to encourage inclusiveness and full participation:  something that is done together.


A Meal with a Game and a Prayer (MGP) 2020 Schedule:

  1. Tuesday, February 25th, A Cup of Kindness (6:00-8:30pm)
  2. Tuesday, March 17th, A Touch of Green!
  3. Wednesday, April 15th, Showers of Fun
  4. Wednesday, June 24th, Strawberry Social

For more information contact Rev. Gushue at pastor@knox16.com

Partial funding for the initiation of the project was received through the New Horizons for Seniors Initiative of the Government of Canada.