About Knox 16

Welcome to Knox Presbyterian Church Sixteen — thank you for checking us out! We assume that you are looking for a church community and hope that you will visit with us some Sunday morning.

Sunday Worship

10:30 am

You will find that Sunday worship follows a traditional Presbyterian worship service outline —– with a twist!

Yes, you will encounter a faithful, caring community,

Yes, you will find that the Bible is read and the Gospel is preached,

Yes, you will hear joyful singing and contemplative praying, and

Yes, you will see the wisdom that comes from hair that is greying.

However, you may be ….

surprised by the youthfulness and energy of a growing congregation,

encouraged to deepen your connection with God as you continue along your spiritual journey,

challenged to reflect on real issues that are relevant to real people in the real world, and

engaged by others as you search for what you are looking for.