Children’s Advent Activities

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Welcome to the Advent Activity Rooms that have been created to help you and your family prepare for Christmas.  Each week over the next 4 weeks a new activity will be posted – so share this link with your friends and come back often!

Here are some things that you should know as you enter into the room for the first time.  Notice the whiteboard – it will tell you what week in advent it is …. and then click on the candle on the fireplace mantle. This candle will open up to a video of a bible story that will shape the theme and activities for that week. These weekly stories build on the previous one as we travel on our way to Bethlehem.


After hearing the story, you are invited to click randomly around the room.

  • The nativity set will reveal daily devotions making use of scripture and/or the Spark Story Bible with additional prayers and wondering questions.
  • A musical instrument opens up to a new song and papers on the floor will reveal the words to lengthier songs for everyone to sing along.
  • The mixing bowl on the table will take you to recipe for the travellers that week,
  • The cup with pencil crayons offer up a fun craft.
  • The window over the couch takes everyone outside for an adventure together.


Our hope is that by exploring the Advent Room, that you and your children, create new traditions and prepare your hearts for a truly meaningful Christmas.