Congregational Identity

Knox 16 – Meaning of the Congregational Logo:

The blue wave at the base represents the river that flows through 16 Mile Creek and reminds us of the water of our baptism – the living water that nourishes us as Christians.

The red Celtic cross with the golden halo represents the link to our Scottish heritage and reminds us of the centrality of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection to our belief.

The green leaves that spread outward represent our reaching out to the world with the Good News and reminds us that God, who created all things, is in all and through all that we are.

Taken together the three elements represent the strength, stability and sustainability of our faith and reminds us that God is Trinity: Father, Son and Spirit.

185th AnniversaryVideo
Please enjoy this short video that attests to the spirit of community that identifies us proudly as members of the congregation at Knox Presbyterian Church Sixteen where we welcome all to join us in celebration of the Light that is Jesus Christ.