Seasonal Worship Schedule

Easter Services.

All Holy Week services begin at 10:30am

Palm Sunday Service: the last week in Jerusalem

This interactive worship service will invite members of the congregation to Come & See, as together we will recount the words and actions of Jesus from his entry into Jerusalem until the moment he leaves the upper room on his way to the garden of Gethsemane.  As part of the service we will share communion together.

Good Friday: the last words of Jesus

Through reading, prayer, and music the congregation gathered will reflect upon the last 7 phrases Jesus spoke from the cross.  This will be a joint worship service with our sister congregation ICF –  with whom we will share a time of fellowship following the service.  All are welcome.

Easter Sunday: the first day of the week

With joyous song and warm welcome we will celebrate Easter!  All are welcome to join us as we reflect on the meaning of Easter in our lives and in our world!